Exchanging Ideas on Climate
National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy
Exchanging ideas on Climate

Alexander Wood, former Acting President & CEO

Travel Expenses - 2007

Total Cost:
2007-08-07                To brief the new President and CEO ( David McLaughlin)               
2007-05-9-11                To attend the Plenary Meeting in Iqaluit, Nunavut               
2007-05-22 to 23                To attend the Climate Change Public Policy Forum: An Opportunity for a Bi-Lateral Approach               
2007-05-15 to 16                Speaking engagement for Carbon Trading: New Plays and Challenges Conference. Attendance at the 2007 Energy Leader's Roundtable               
2007-02-9 to 2007-02-10                Speaking engagement at Core Conference at the Schulich of Business. Release report on Capital Markets and sustainability.               
2007-02-19                Attend a lunch event being held by the Economic Club of Toronto               

Hospitality Expenses - 2007

Event Description
2007-07-27                (Morning break, Lunch ) Executive Committee Meeting               
2007-07-19                Experts meeting review of Policies for Long-term Greenhouse Gas & Air Pollutant Emission Reductions (Morning and Lunch breaks)               
2007-07-10                Experts Workshop Discussion on a Long-Range Macro-Economic Forecast for Canada ( Macro2050) (Morning break, afternoon lunch and break )               
2007-07-06                (Morning Lunch and Afternoon Breaks) -NRTEE Experts Meeting on the development of an approach to providing advice on National Ambient Air Quality Objectives               
2007-07-04                (Lunch) meeting with Policy staff Issue identification planning meeting,               
2007-06-21                (Lunch) NRTEE Workshop and Experts Meeting-Discussion on a Long-Range Macro-Economic Forecast for (Canada Macro 2050)               
2007-06-19                (Morning and lunch Break) Experts meeting Determining Canada's Share of Global Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions in 2050               
2007-06-15                (Lunch) meeting to discuss the Communications strategy for the Interim Report.               
2007-06-14                Greening the NRTEE, Lunch & learn session               
2007-05-09-10                NRTEE-Plenary (2days) May 9 - Morning/afternoon breaks and dinner May 10- Morning/afternoon breaks and lunch               
2007-05-08                Afternoon break - NRTEE Member Orientation Meeting               
2007-05-03                Luncheon Meeting - To discuss the NRTEE's work on Energy and Climate Change.               
2007-04-18                Luncheon Meeting - To discuss the NRTEE's Energy and Climate Change future activities               
2007-02-15                New Member Orientation Meeting               
2007-02-15                NRTEE Plenary in Ottawa               
2007-02-14                Experts Meeting on the ambient air objectives and air pollutant reduction targets under the proposed Clean Air Act               
2007-02-01                Lunch meeting to discuss Outreach Tour               
2007-01-26                Executive Committee Meeting               
2007-01-26                Coffee break and lunch for NRTEE Executive Committee Meeting               
2007-01-19                Meeting on development of an approach to medium & long-term Emission Reduction Target-Setting.               
2007-01-16                Breakfast lecture with the Swedish Minister of Environment on climate change policies.               
2007-01-09                NRTEE Staff Retreat to provide a facilitated and structured forum for all staff to take stock of the past year and look forward to the next – from overall NRTEE mandate and programs to internal organization and operations.               

*Total includes all applicable taxes