Exchanging Ideas on Climate
National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy
Exchanging ideas on Climate

What We Do

The NRTEE works to enhance the understanding and adoption of sustainable ways of life. Relying on our unique convening role, we develop and promote viable policy recommendations for all sectors of our society and for all regions of Canada.

Photo - David Chernushenko - NRTEE MemberSpecifically, we:

Undertake exhaustive research on priority issues
Our research projects are conducted by our policy advisors with the help of outside issue experts over time periods that vary between one to three years. Recent work has focused on issues relating to: Climate, Energy, Water, Biodiversity and Governance.

Bring divergent interests together
We strive to bring together groups and organizations with different perspectives – people who may hold dissimilar political beliefs, come from diverse academic backgrounds, and pursue various professional objectives. We believe this inclusive approach makes for a stronger understanding and consensus.

Rally the brightest minds in the country
Each research project summons specific expertise. This explains why part of our work is carried out in collaboration with experts and stakeholders in the field. In fact, we pride ourselves in our ability to attract leading-edge researchers. We rely on these expert partners to fill scientific or technical research gaps, to warn of potential pitfalls and to provide feedback as research unfolds.

Release and disseminate the results of our work nationally and internationally
Over the course of one year, we may publish between 4 and 6 reports, each highlighting the need for policy actions in specific areas and recommending measures to address these needs. But the life-cycle of our reports extends far beyond their release.

We build on every opportunity – conferences, panel discussions and local workshops – to move our work forward and engage a broad audience of people concerned about our topics. We strive to make our recommendations known, foster partnerships and promote action.

Advise the federal government and key stakeholders
We also call upon federal departments, agencies and key national, provincial and territorial stakeholders to be agents of change. For instance, through one-on-one meetings with federal decision-makers – at Environment Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Finance Canada and Industry Canada, among others – we suggest ways to make environmental and economic concerns a central plank of their decision-making processes and encourage the adoption of our recommendations. Through the Minister of Environment, the Government of Canada may also ask the NRTEE to conduct research and provide advice on key and emerging issues.

For more information on the work we do, don’t hesitate to contact us.