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Developing Ambient Air Quality Objectives for Canada

Canadians are concerned about the quality of the air they breathe. Heavy smog and dangerous ozone levels are linked to a range of cardiovascular diseases that challenge the health of thousands of individuals across the country each year. Air pollution also has adverse impacts on ecosystems and the environment we live in.

When asked for its advice on how the federal government should go about setting long-term national goals for ambient air quality, the NRTEE recommended that:

  • Reducing pollutants should be a long-term goal that is grounded in science and supported by medium-term targets;

  • The federal government should play a lead role in developing these goals to ensure equity for citizens and industries regardless of geographical location;

  • Our long-term air-quality objectives should be developed through an independent, science-based process.

These recommendations provide the government with the rational basis necessary for setting specific numerical targets.

Start Date: October 2006
End Date: June 2008
Status: Report released


Background Documents

  • Criteria Air Contaminant Emission Reductions Based on a Low Greenhouse Gas Emissions Scenario


Developing Ambient Air Quality Objectives for Canada

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