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Exchanging ideas on Climate

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Conservation of Natural Heritage

Parks and protected areas are reservoirs of natural capital. They are the basic building blocks of conservation, but in themselves are not enough; they are too small to conserve biodiversity in the long run. To survive and thrive, natural ecosystems and wildlife species need their protected areas to be large, buffered and connected. If we destroy nature to sustain our economies, we lose the very basis for our economic and social health.

The goal of this research program was to motivate Canadians to become stewards of their lands and waters. It encourages the development of new support tools that will help Canada do a better job of conserving, restoring and maintaining the long-term health of its ecosystems.

Creating a national network of protected areas nested within a larger, sustainably managed landscape is crucial. A practical conservation strategy must give rural and Aboriginal communities a say in management decisions, and compensate them for undertaking stewardship duties - if and when they forego some short-term economic development opportunities.

Start Date: 2001
End Date: June 2003
Status: Report released

News Release

June 16, 2003 - Support rural Canadians to conserve Canada's natural capital, new National Round Table report recommends


Securing Canada?s Natural Capital: A Vision for Nature Conservation in the 21st Century

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