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Exchanging ideas on Climate

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Securing Canada's Future in a Climate Changing World

NRTEE's 20th Anniversary Forum

To mark its 20th anniversary year, the NRTEE hosted a unique round table forum entitled Securing Canada?s Future in a Climate Changing World on October 30, 2008.

Pierre Marc Johnson"The National Round Table is a crucial institution in support of the development of public policy efforts. Today, it has gathered around the same table, subject-matter experts with remarkable knowledge and experience...Today?s forum will allow us to target three (3) of the many facets of climate change: ecosystems, energy and arctic." Pierre Marc Johnson, Forum Chair

Climate change has emerged as this century?s most far-reaching global sustainable development challenge and, as such, Canada?s economic and environmental future will be determined in large part by how we, and the rest of the world, respond to the current and emerging threats and opportunities posed by a changing climate. During this invitation-only forum, the NRTEE will examine how climate change is expected to affect Canada?s environmental and economic security through the lenses of our ecosystems, our energy economy, and our Arctic environment.

Robert Page"We face a daunting task with the credit meltdown and entrenched institutional inertia. We need above all to put our thinking in a "system" approach not ad hoc or piece meal. Sustainability is not so much a program, it is more a "way of life". We must not forget it is a fundamental paradigm shift. We also must focus on what is doable ? provincially, federally, and internationally ? including Canada's global responsibilities."
Robert Page, NRTEE Chair

The NRTEE 20th Anniversary Forum objectives included engaging an influential group of stakeholders and subject experts to identify:

  • The priority climate change issues facing Canada for each round table theme;
  • Current policy gaps and potential policy solutions for addressing these issues; and,
  • Implications for policy development and governance
David McLaughlin'Integrating these two perspectives ? environment and economy, not one or the other, both together ? is essential if we are to succeed in developing and implementing sustainable policies that secure our ecosystems, secure our energy economy, and secure our Arctic environment in a climate-changing world." David McLaughlin, NRTEE President and CEO


  • Raise awareness of current and emerging environmental, economic, and Arctic challenges for Canadians resulting from climate change.
  • Convene Canada?s leading thinkers and decision-makers on these issues in order to create a forward climate policy research agenda for Canada.
  • Lay the groundwork for the NRTEE?s forthcoming climate policy research.



Round Table 1 - Securing Canada?s Ecosystems
Canada?s natural environment is at risk from climate change [more...]

Oct. 30: 8:15am - 10:00am E.S.T.
Round table participants


Round Table 2 - Securing Canada's Energy Economy
Canada?s energy resources are central to our current and future prosperity [more?]

Oct. 30: 10:30am - 12:15am E.S.T.
Round table participants


Round Table 3 - Securing Canada's Arctic Environment
The current and anticipated effects of climate change on our country?s Arctic environment and people are raising new issues of national security and sovereignty for Canada [more?]

Oct. 30: 1:15pm - 3:00pm E.S.T.
Round table participants


Securing Canada's Future in a Climate Changing World

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In order to gain a wider representation of views from event participants an audience research survey was completed after each round table discussion. Here are the results.

To reduce the environmental impact of the 20th Anniversary Forum, the NRTEE made every reasonable effort to incorporate existing and emerging green meeting practices in the organizing and execution of the program.(more...)

Key decision and opinion-makers
Participants included Pierre Marc Johnson, David Suzuki, Elyse Allen, Mel Cappe, Andrew Coyne, Roger Gibbins, Michael Harcourt, Thomas Homer-Dixon, Bernard Lord, Preston Manning, Steve Williams and many more. Here is a list of participants.


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