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Economic Risks and Opportunities of Climate Change for Canada

The Canada-U.S. Climate Policy Case Study

July 28, 2009

Expert stakehholders gathered to provide early input on the scope and methodology of a Canada-US Climate Policy case study underway by the National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE), specifically on:

  • Research scope and questions
  • Choice of methodology, modelling scenarios and assumptions
  • The work plan and principal audiences
  • Desired outcomes of the work


The Canada-US Climate Policy case study will provide much-needed insight on the economic implications of climate policy interactions between the two countries. It will also feed into the broader goals of theEconomic Risks and Opportunities (EROCC) program by identifying the potential scale of economic risks and opportunities that Canada may face if its key trading partner implements more stringent climate policy measures than Canada. The US transition is particularly relevant to Canada, and is likely to result in significant short-term implications for Canada and its policy makers.

The high level goals of the study are to:

1) Identify short-term economic risks and opportunities for Canada resulting from possible interactions between Canadian and US climate policies

2) Recommend policy strategies for Canada to reduce identified risks and enable opportunities