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Achieving 2050: A Carbon Pricing Policy for Canada


In developing Achieving 2050 the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy benefited from the insight and advice of many important stakeholders who contributed to this report.

In particular, the NRTEE would like to thank the more than 30 members of the Expert Advisory Committee who provided valuable and timely commentary on our research and conclusions over the course of three extensive roundtable sessions at critical junctures in the development of this report and its conclusions. We would also like to thank the 63 participants in our regional outreach sessions which took place in the fall of 2008 in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa who provided us with detailed sectoral and provincial context for our thinking.

Participants represented a wide variety of environmental and economic interests, sectors, and organizations as well as leading national academic, public policy, and governance experts in this project?s research fields.

Table of contents

About the NRTEE
Executive Summary
1 Setting the Stage
2 Carbon Pricing Policy - Goals and Objectives
3 Carbon Pricing Policy - Essential Design Elements
4 Carbon Pricing Policy - The "Road Map"
5 Carbon Pricing Policy - Outcomes and Impacts
6 Carbon Pricing Policy - Governance and Implementation
7 Conclusion and Recommendations
Appendix: Glossary

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At the Round Table itself, several members of the Secretariat staff played vital roles in conducting the research and analysis behind Achieving 2050, preparing drafts, briefing stakeholders, working with our Members, and organizing numerous meetings and consultation sessions, and undertaking the pain-staking production and communications process. This included:


Alex Long, Dale Beugin, and Will McDowall


Robert Paterson, Tony Bgin, Tania Tremblay, and Edwin Smith


Isabella Kavafian, Tammy Robillard, Denise Edwards, and Richard Pilon

We would also like to acknowledge the significant contribution of the project?s lead economist, Dave Sawyer of EnviroEconomics as well as Jill Baker, formerly of the NRTEE, for her early direction of this project, along with our report peer-reviewers, Stephanie Cairns, Carolyn Fischer, Andrew Leach and Nic Rivers, and our national and international researchers and experts who provided advice and reports during our process.