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Preserving the Earth?s complex heritage

Biodiversity - ImageIf variety is the spice of life, then biodiversity is the web of life. Interdependence between the human species and ecosystems is at the basis of human survival. So closely is biodiversity intertwined with human needs, that it can be considered an element of basic national security and future global prosperity.

Yet, around the world, the number of species, the genetic variations within them, and the range of habitats are being affected by human activity. Overpopulation, deforestation, pollution ? of the air, water and soil ? along with global warming are exerting a cumulative effect on biodiversity. As species disappear, the world?s ecosystems are become less stable and more fragile. Living within and sustainably developing the biodiversity around us is central to human existence.

While, it is probably true that every project which the Round Table undertakes has some relevance to biodiversity, our experts have focused on the state of biodiversity in Canada, with an emphasis on governance, conservation and development of our natural heritage.

Recent Work

Conserving Canada?s Natural Capital: The Boreal Forest

Canada's boreal forest is one of the world's three great forest ecosystems, and spans a third of the country's total land area. It is a vital part of the natural capital that makes Canada one of the world?s wealthiest countries. We studied the Boreal Forest to identify how Canada can best balance the competing interests of conservation and economic activity in the area. (more...)

Conservation of Natural Heritage

While parks and protected areas are a good start to preserve our natural heritage, they are too small to conserve biodiversity in the long run. The NRTEE recommends a ?landscape level? approach to conservation, with a focus on establishing a national network of protected areas nested within a larger, sustainably managed landscape. (more...)

Boreal Futures:
Governance, Conservation
and Development in
Canada?s Boreal

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Securing Canada?s Natural Capital: A Vision for Nature Conservation in the 21st Century

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