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Exchanging ideas on Climate

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The Blue Gold

Photo - WaterCanada is blessed with an abundance of fresh water, but we are not immune to the challenges of more demand, a finite supply, and the effect of population and economic growth, as well as climate change, on water quantity and quantity.

?The trouble with water,? wrote Marq de Villiers, the author of Water: The Fate of Our Most Precious Resource ?is that they?re not making any more of it.? The NRTEE has already studied Canada?s wastewater systems as well as the health of the world?s oceans, and is now in the process of scoping out a new research program that will focus on key water issues for Canada related to the exploration and development of natural resources.

Like other natural resources, the world?s supply of fresh water is limited and finite. As the world gets bigger, hotter and more industrialized, we will need to find ways to conserve, protect and share it.

Ongoing Research

Water Sustainability and the Future of Canada?s Natural Resource Sectors

The NRTEE will add value to the national water agenda by examining the relationship between water and the forestry, mining, agricultural, and energy sectors. The work will lead to a clearer, deeper understanding of the policy issues and choices needed for the long-term sustainability of our economy and water for ecosystems and society. This research is framed in the context of changes in supply, availability and distribution as a result of both climate change and rising demand. (more...)

Recent Work

Sustainable Strategies for Oceans

The world?s oceans are suffering serious environmental stress?and such stress comes with economic consequences. There is a need for ocean policies that promote both economic development and long-term environmental health at international, national, regional and local levels. (more...)

Wastewater Services in Canada

Because of inadequate public funding, Canada?s water supplies and wastewater systems are deteriorating. Continued decline will compromise the health of our people. Meanwhile, innovative environmental technologies that could conserve water resources are failing to find a market. (more...)


Charting a Path

Charting a Path:
Water and Canada's Natural
Resource Sector
(Synthesis of Discussion -
Expert Workshop
held February 24, 2009)

Expert Workshop
Discussion Paper
(February 24, 2009)

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Water and Wastewater
Services in Canada

Book Cover

Sustainable Strategies for Oceans: A Co-Management Guide