Exchanging Ideas on Climate
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Exchanging ideas on Climate

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WHAT'S NEWAdapting Infrastructure to Climate Change in Northern Canada
IN FOCUSThink Green; Act Green -- The NRTEE's Greening Initiative
Water Multistakeholder Sector Roundtable Meetings
Climate Forward: A Next Step Policy for Canada
Achieving 2050: A Carbon Pricing Policy for Canada
  • Achieving 2050: A Carbon Pricing Policy for Canada - Outreach Report
    In spring and summer of 2009, the NRTEE held outreach sessions in five Canadian cities on Achieving 2050. This report highlights the key outcomes from the sessions, including common areas of agreement and divergence and specific issues participants felt the federal government needed to be aware of when moving toward a unified national cap-and-trade system.
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  • Charting a Path: Water and Canada's Natural Resource Sector (workshop report)
    The NRTEE brought together 45 experts from aross Canada to discuss key issues within the water, natural resources, and climate change interface, to help shape and refine the NRTEE's program on Water and Canada's Natural Resource Sector.
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  • Achieving 2050: A Carbon Pricing Policy for Canada
    The NRTEE releases report advising the federal government to move quickly to implement a unified national carbon pricing policy across Canada
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  • Geared for Change: Energy Efficiency in Canada's Commercial Building Sector
    Canada?s commercial building sector can achieve significant GHG emission reductions through new energy efficiency measures.
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  • NRTEE 1988-2008
    Recognizing 20 years of contribution to sustainable development in Canada
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  • NRTEE KPIA Reponse 2009
    NRTEE's 2009 KPIA Response
    The NRTEE's third response to its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act (KPIA) with respect to the government?s 2009 Climate Change Plan and Statement.
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