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Exchanging ideas on Climate

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Environmental and Sustainable Development Indicators (ESDI) Initiative

In 2000, the NRTEE was tasked with developing a small set of credible, realistic natural and human capital indicators to measure the impact of Canada?s current economic activities on our environment.

Through extensive research and consultations, we recommended the introduction of six indicators that would track whether or not certain economic activities pose a threat to future generations? expected standard of living. The proposed indicators are: forest cover, freshwater quality, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, wetlands, and levels of education.

The Environmental and Sustainable Development Indicators (ESDI) Initiative was guided by a steering committee comprising stakeholders from current sustainability and well-being indicators initiatives as well as business, labour, provincial governments, community groups, not-for-profit organizations, and academic or research institutions.

In the February 2004 Speech from the Throne, the federal government committed to begin using several of the recommended indicators, incorporating clean water, clean air and emissions reductions into its decision making.

Start Date: 2000
End Date: May 2003
Status: Report released

News Release

May 12, 2003 - Round Table proposes six new indicators to track Canada's ability to maintain prosperity

Environment and Sustainable Development Indicators for Canada

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