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Exchanging ideas on Climate

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Urban Sustainability

A nation's competitive advantage is directly related to the performance of its cities. Furthermore, the quality of life in cities is becoming one of the prime determinants of investment decisions and, hence, the attraction of knowledge workers. However, one necessary first step is to better understand the measures and policies that determine quality of life in Canadian cities and that impact their ability to retain and enhance their competitive positions in the global economy. The Urban Sustainability1 program aimed to catalyze momentum toward alternative or more coherent strategies, based upon sustainable development principles, that improve the quality of life and competitiveness of Canada's cities or urban regions.

The program's findings included 11 high-priority recommendations for immediate implementation, falling under four mutually supportive themes: getting the federal house in order; supporting the use of urban transit; promoting sustainable infrastructure; and encouraging the efficient use of energy and land.

Program start date: December 2001
Program completion date: May 30, 2003

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May 30, 2003 - Ottawa's fiscal approach hurting environmental quality of Canadian cities Smart spending reforms could trigger "tremendous positive contribution"


Environmental Quality in Canadian Cities: The Federal Role

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