Exchanging Ideas on Climate
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Exchanging ideas on Climate

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Publications and Reports by Category


  • Preserving Our World: A Consumer's Guide to the Brundtland Report [1990]
  • On the Road to Brazil: The Earth Summit [1991]
  • Declaration of the National Forum on Climate Change [1998]
  • Canada's Options for a Domestic Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Program [1999]
  • Advice on a Long-term Strategy on Energy and Climate Change [2006]
  • Developing Ambient Air Quality Objectives for Canada [2008]
  • Getting to 2050: Canada?s Transition to a Low-emission Future [2008]


  • The Report of the Partnership on Sustainable Coastal Communities and Marine Ecosystems in Newfoundland and Labrador [1995]
  • Water and Wastewater Services in Canada [1996]
  • Sustainable Strategies for Oceans: A Co-Management Guide [1998]



  • You Can't Give It Away: Tax Aspects of Ecologically Sensitive Lands [1992]
  • Forest Round Table on Sustainable Development [1994]
  • Private Woodlot Management in the Maritimes [1997]
  • Securing Canada?s Natural Capital: A Vision for Nature Conservation in the 21st Century [2004]
  • Boreal Futures: Governance, Conservation and Development in Canada's Boreal [2005]


  • Sustainable Development: Getting There From Here [1993]
  • Sustainable Development: A Manager's Handbook [1991]
  • Decision Making Practices for Sustainable Development [1991]
  • Focus 2000: A Small Business Guide to Environmental Management [1991]
  • Green Guide: A User?s Guide to Sustainable Development for Canadian Colleges [1992]
  • Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Sustainable Tourism [1992]
  • A Practical Introduction to Environment Management on Canadian Campuses [1995]
  • Trade, Environment and Competitiveness [1993]
  • Building Consensus for a Sustainable Future: Guiding Principles [1993]
  • Pathways to Sustainability: Assessing Our Progress [1995]
  • Projet de Societe: Canadian Choices for Transitions to Sustainability [1995]
  • Building Consensus for a Sustainable Future: Putting Principles into Practice [1996]
  • Environment and Sustainable Development Indicators for Canada [2004]
  • Capital Markets and Sustainability: Investing in a sustainable future [2007]

Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act (KPIA)