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Sustainable Development: Getting There From Here

A Handbook for Union Environment Committees and Joint Labour-Management Environment Committees

Prepared by Ted Schrecker, with contributions by Hugh Mackenzie and John O'Grady, for the NRTEE

Sustainable Development: Getting There From HereIn many ways, workers were the first environmentalists in the age-old struggle against workplace pollution and the pollution of communities adjacent to the workplace. The first concerns were directed at health and safety conditions at the workplace; more recently, labour concerns have been extended to embrace environmental sustainability of industrial activities.

This manual will help to ensure that workers will have a prominent role in advancement of sustainable development as far as possible through through co-operation with environmentalists, governments and employers. The handbook explains environmental issues from a worker's perspective, and provides guidance on applications in a workplace context. The handbook builds on the experience of Canadian unions at the local, regional and national levels.

PDF Version:
Sustainable Development: Getting There From Here
(9.41 Mb - 137 pages)
Date: 1993
ISBN: 1-895643-22-8